Learning & Development

Our learning and development interventions deliver immediate business excellence results for your organisation or brand. We achieve this through sophisticated and pragmatic solutions using a superior portfolio of training simulations, metrics and benchmarking tools.

Action-based Learning Programmes

We develop & deliver imaginative action based learning programmes to train & motivate any team in an adult environment. Action-based learning is an approach to learning and development that requires us to continuously create relevant, challenging ways to connect with the needs of their audience with business needs. No other method of learning can better prepare your teams to thrive in sales, marketing, and management today.

Skills and Behaviour Programmes

High level behaviour change based change management programmes to achieve your objectives using innovative techniques and approaches. Ensuring behaviour change as a result of a training intervention is crucial to maximising your investment in training.
PI Partnership recommend using techniques from sales effectiveness, theatre, media training and real customer interactions to bring the programme alive. Structured metrics and feedback ensure effective message delivery giving a basis for future change.

PI Partnership builds its programmes to accommodate the 70:20:10 model for learning and development, which aims to maximise the learning process.




Success doesn’t come from one-off classroom training. You need to make sure you engrain that into the real world.


The Learning  Partnership